Sunday, September 30, 2012

Racing Panda Cupcakes

Here's a sketch I made for my brother's birthday. Key words were racing, panda, and cupcakes. I might on into this with some color later? We'll see.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Salamander Tea

Alright, another post finally. I've been in the process of moving from the East coast to the West, and that's shuffled a lot of my priorities in terms of making art around. Getting used to the new job and the expectations as well as finding a place to live ate up a lot of my energy, but I'm finally almost settled, and hopefully I can start working again. I'm pretty excited, I have a lot of new ideas that have been just sitting around collecting dust, so hopefully I can sit down and get some pencils moving around. I've been thinking about how the most interesting animals I've been drawing have always ended being amphibians, so I thought I might as well continue the trend and see where it goes. From what I remember in elementary school, salamanders are also amphibians, and I wanted to combine that with an earlier idea about taking a kind of tea bath. For whatever reason, tea's always been fascinating to me. The history of it, the ritual involved, its aroma and properties, the way it appears dried up and boxed in a thousand different strains; its cool. I'm getting a little noodle-y with tweaking the composition in photoshop, but I'm enjoying working again. Feedback about composition balance or anything else is always welcome.