Saturday, October 13, 2012

I've been kinda bouncing around different projects, as my interest in things jumps all over the place. I went to Gnomon workshop that was hosting art demos by several artists a few weeks past, and though they each had different styles and techniques, I was nonetheless blown away by their collective ability to begin loosely and quickly problem solve as they went. My own process has been very labor intensive and grinding, trying to break down all the problems before I begin, and seeing their casual approach has made me rethink the way I begin a painting. I've been obsessing over two pieces I have in the fire right now, and the stress of getting things right has made me too rigid and unable to play and learn. Going over my old sketchbooks, I think I can probably pull a few loose ideas I didn't do anything with, and just approach them with an open mind, and focus on learning rather than completing. Basic stuff, but things I always seem to forget about. With that attitude, I took my sketch from two weeks ago and tried to keep an open approach. I did one version where I was just thinking about color as design, and then another where I played around with light and texture, using a bunch of brushes I found sitting around the attic of my computer.

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